The wonder weeks

I was recently introduced to this app by my lovely friend raisingcharlieandindie. It’s such a good app and is created by an extremely intelligent man called Dr Frans. He has done a lot of studying and has lots of different degrees, qualifications and knowledge due to practice, he even has a PHD. He’s spent time studying chimpanzees and humans behaviour, and you can read more about him via a section on the app or via Wikipedia I’m sure.

The app explains the behaviours and changes your child goes through from due date to one years old. I’m not 100% sure why but it goes by child’s due date instead of date of birth! but it’s proved extremely accurate so far.

Lucas is currently going through a “stormy patch” and a “leap” This means he’s a little more unsettled, clingy and being a little pickle. It gives you theory’s and guides into why your little is behaving the way they are & how to help them. It also gives you signs to look out for to tell your little is going through a leap.

During a leap this means dramatic changes are occurring, you’re baby is developing and learning more and big changes are happening over this period of time.

You also get a guide to when you should see your little go through a sunny, happy phase and when they are learning but no dramatic changes are happening.

This is unfortunately not a free app. I think it’s £1.49 I’m not completely sure, but I cannot recommend it enough. I love this app.

Let me know if anyone of you download it and how you find it
deardaisyelizabeth this could explain why Daisy has been more unsettled this week and could give an insight into why.

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